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17.03. - 18:30,
Cinema House

Director:  Atanas Kiryakov
Cinematography:  Anton Bakarski
Screenplay:  Atanas Kiryakov
Producer:  Eugeny Mihaylov
Production:  Cinema - center Sofia in co-production with ARS with the support of Bulgarian National Film Center
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Ivan Kirkov or To Survive in a Memory

Ivan Kirkov or To Survive in a Memory
Bulgaria , 2009, 58 min, color

Some years ago, famous Bulgarian artist Ivan Kirkov left Sofia and retired to his birthplace Assenovgrad.
During the time of the totalitarian regime Ivan Kirkov had to make some compromises. He was afraid of the repressive state apparatus. At the same time, buried as he says, in the hole he had made for himself, for his own consumption, he created exceptionally interesting works considered heretical at the time. Tired of the big city and the complicated relations between people, he went back to his birthplace Assenovgrad trying to revive the memory of his childhood and recharge himself with the positive energy of pure relations. And the result was incredible.
While watching the movie, it seems unbelievable that the canvases shown were created by one and the same artist. Such is the wide variety, such is the fantasy flowing from the brush of this extraordinary painter that the viewers minds reel at the sight. Laughter, anger, humor all these come quickly one after the other just like in a childs perception. And all of it is imbued with extreme charm and sincerity.

Atanas Kiryakov
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